Members of IAPI is open to illustrators and botanists, both professional and amateur, who share the aims of the Institute for Analytical Plant Illustration and who pay the annual subscription.

How to Join

Download a copy of the Membership application form and post it together with your subscription to the Treasurer. Write or send an email to the Secretary and let us know or your interest. Alternatively, come to an IAPI Meeting. The current programme of meetings can be seen on the 'HOME' page. 


The annual subscription is currently set at £20.00 for all members. The subscription is due at the AGM which takes place in January each year. New members joining after September will not normally pay a subscription until the following year. 


IAPI holds six meetings a year, usually on the third Saturday of the month, in January, March, May, July, September and November.

Meetings are held at a variety of venues  and in 2018 there are meetings in Leicester, Bulkington Warwickshire, Lancaster, Ardingly Sussex, and Fordbridge Birmingham.

Meetings usually take the form of workshops on a topic with an invited speaker. One or two meetings a year are held in the field. The AGM is held in January each year.

Travel directions to the Fordbridge Centre - click on link