2017 AGM  Sixteen members attended the AGM at Fordbridge, and for our delectation the elegantly hirsute Dr Martin Collins had prepared a botanical quiz. A table-top was generously strewn with twigs and sprays, linked we were told, in threes. Our task was to identify what they had in common—for example, Corylus avellana, Garrya elliptica and Alnus glutinosa all bore catkins, whilst Ulmus procera, Euonymus europaea and Acer campestre all showed corky wings on young branches. Some examples were challenging: Phyllitis scolopendrium, Selaginella and Equisetum were all pteridophytes; water starwort, hornwort and duckweed, besides being pond-dwellers, all had ‘insignificant flowers’; whilst Ruscus aculeatus, Genister digitalis and Schlumbergera all had ‘stem leaves’ (the first with cladodes) or leaf-like green stems, which could photosynthesize. 

Workshop on Graphite Techniques with Guy Eves September 2017


Field meeting July 2017 Day 1 Wicken Fen. The wind pump and a boat trip


Field meeting July 2017 Day 2 Weeting Heath looking at Spiked Speedwell    

Habit drawing in the field. Meeting at Leicester University Botanic Gardens May 2017


Measuring the height of trees using Roger The trees were measured by establishing a fixed object of a known length, in our case this was the height of Roger, and then using the ruler to measure Roger’s height in centimetres. These measurements were converted using simple proportion based on Roger’s known height.- just as I thought, Malus 'Royalty' is 3.4 Rogers!

National Museum of Wales Field Meeting July 2015